Why Isagenix?

Isagenix has taken my team of athletes and fitness enthusiasts to a whole new level in record time. I have never recommended a product in the 25 years of being in the fitness industry. As a mentor and coach to the biggest names in fitness, and starring on MTV, I have been approached by so many companies and have even been offered a deal to have my own protein powder.

However, I could never find anything that would match my demands for high quality and my philosophy of nutrition. Eventually, I was asked by a good friend and client, to try Isagenix, and I immediately was a skeptic. I decided to try the products myself with a handful of friends and top clients. I immediately felt a surge of energy and I felt great! Gradually, I recommended to products to my clients, and the rest is history. Isagenix has helped bring a record number of wins, placements, world titles, magazine features, transformations, plateaus broken, and most of all, healthier members to my team!



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