The academy includes a VIDEO intensive where you will master your video presence on Facebook Live, IG stories, and more.

Through broadcasting techniques and sharing your story with confidence and charisma, your business will begin to take life.

The academy will take you into modules, individual video coaching in our mastermind group, and constant video interaction in LIVE classes with Cathy and her special guests, which include industry powerhouses.

** Assignments handed in will be given individual feedback when received. This is what makes our program so “hands on” and customized to you!

Topics covered in the business section:

  • Laying out your business plan
  • Developing your Unique Expertise and your free offers
  • How to build your client base through lead magnets
  • Creating an additional revenue stream with products (network marketing, direct sales or retail)
  • Branding the business with incredible graphic design
  • Communicating your story with passion and sincerity
  • Pricing and how to overcome the “I’m afraid to charge” blocks
  • Your mailing system takes life!Your specific Social Media campaign
  • Content creation and development
  • Build your special community that turns into customers

Plus weekly homework to keep you on pace!

What else does this program include?

  • Weekly Zoom masterminds with special guests
  • Private Facebook community page
  • Content that you can start with and then “make your own”
  • Follows ups after you have completed the program

Coaching Section

  • Your expectations and limitations as a lifestyle coach
  • Exploring dietary challenges for clients
  • How to listen to your client
  • Learn about today’s issues with food allergies and sensitivities
  • Learn the facts of protein and vegan nutrition
  • Holistic challenges, myths and trends
  • How to inspire your client with clean eating, and healthy habits
  • The importance of Stress techniques, meditations and visualization
  • How to encourage your client to exercise regularly
  • How to teach a gratitude practice to your clients
  • How to coach online or in-person
  • And so much more!


As part of your Academy membership, you can enjoy (optional) retreat days in Boston twice per year where you can mastermind with your fellow entrepreneurs and Cathy for a weekend of inspiration, motivation, collaboration and fun!

*Although the retreat price is included in the Academy membership, travel, personal expenses and hotel expenses are not included


What's My Investment?

We know you’re serious about growing your business.  You know you need to invest in it to get to the next level.  It’s costing you real money to not know the strategies and methods behind other successful businesses and you’re ready to take the next step to get there.

$3900 Or 3 payments of $1500

We will accept the first 50 students only!

(First come, first served basis) | Serious inquiries only, please.

Program officially begins January 2019

Program duration: 6 months


Private VIP Coaching with Cathy Savage

Cathy Savage has advised, mentored and personally coached some of the most famous faces and business brands in the health and fitness world. From branding and creating online businesses to appearing on the cover of a magazine, Cathy is the one to “go to” for industry success.

Cathy has helped her clients become household names in the industry. She has also guided her clients to experience increased revenues, to develop brand positioning and to step into a leadership role.

Cathy’s online fitness program was the first of its kind. Her expertise and wisdom is unmatched in the fitness world. Currently she is working with private clients to help build their own empire. Some of her clients are building online fitness and wellness business. Others are using Cathy’s expertise to become a “name” in the fitness world. 

Cathy runs private VIP branding sessions for strategic planning along with her personal VIP coaching program which runs for 12 months at a time. She works virtually with Cathy via Zoom and Skype calls and visit her in Boston for VIP strategy sessions. 

This is not a cookie cutter academy. You will work one on one with Cathy and develop a personal and working relationship with her.

If you are serious about working one on one with Cathy and committing to your business, please complete this application:

Once you complete the application, we will follow up with an email for pricing and arrange a phone call with our team.

Questions about the program?

Contact Cathy!

Questions about the program?

Contact Cathy!