Who is Cathy Savage?

Cathy Savage is an internationally recognized fitness and success coach in Boston. She has mentored celebrities, athletes and television personalities for lifestyle changes as well as business strategies.

Cathy has developed a women’s financial empowerment and marketing service, where she coaches women on branding and how to be money-savvy business leaders.

Since the early 1990s, Cathy has been a pioneer in successful competition coaching for aspiring athletes from all over the world. Her online nutrition and training program is the first and most prominent all-inclusive global training program of its kind. 

Cathy coaches women and men with sport-specific training and nutrition in addition to marketing, branding and careers in the fitness world.

TV features include MTV, ABC News and Fox News. She is a member of the prestigious Advisory panel and contributor for Oxygen Magazine and Strong Magazine.

Cathy is a graduate of Boston College and she currently serves on the Council for Women of Boston College. She is also an active alumni, a Flynn Fund donor for the James R Savage Scholarship which supports student athletes at her Alma Mater. She is also a major contributor the campaign for the Boston College Field House. She is currently creating another foundation scholarship in her Mother's name.